Publish Preview and Publish Commands Flash

After you have entered the file format types and specifications for each in the Publish Settings dialog, you can proceed to preview and publish the file types you selected.

Using Publish Preview
The Publish Preview submenu (accessible from File➪Publish Preview) lists all of the file types currently enabled in the Publish Settings dialog*. By default, HTML is the first file type available for preview. In general, the first item enabled in the Formats tab of Publish Settings is the first item in the submenu, and can be executed by pressing F12. Selecting a file type in the Publish Preview menu launches your preferred browser and inserts the selected file type(s) into the browser window.

Using Publish
When you want Flash to export the file type(s) selected in the Publish Settings, choose File➪Publish (Shift+F12). Flash creates the new files wherever the Flash movie was last saved. If you have selected an HTML template in the HTML tab of Publish Settings, then you may receive a warning or error message if any other necessary files were not specified. That’s it! After you’ve tested the files for the delivery browser and/or platforms of your choice, you can upload the files to your Web server.

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