Printing with ActionScript Flash

Using the print and printAsBitmap functions, you can enable your Flash movies to output Flash artwork, text and bitmaps. With these actions, you can:

  • Create Flash ads that have printable specifications for e-commerce merchandise. Imagine if the next car ad you saw on your favorite Web site automatically printed dealer locations and maps without having going to the car manufacturer’s Web site?
  • Make Flash coupons. You could design printable coupons for e-tailers on the Web that can be printed and redeemed at their brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Automate dynamic Web-generated invoices and receipts at e-commerce sites. With Flash 5, you can format ordered items and add dynamic data to printable sheets.
  • Print rich vector illustrations or photorealistic bitmaps from a Web site. Design Flash portfolio sites that print samples of stock images, or create personalized vector artwork that can be print unique images for each visitor.
  • E-mail printable Flash artwork to clients. The next time you have proof of concepts or finished artwork that needs final approval, you can e-mail your clients the Flash artwork in a standalone projector or .SWF file.
  • Design custom contact information pages. Sick of HTML tables that won’t print your nice row-and-column formatted pages of information consistently from browser to browser? Printable Flash frames will print beautifully each time. You could even add a visitor’s contact information to a dynamic database and print it.

Although we can’t describe how to do all these tasks in the space, we will show you how to get started with the last idea. The following Expert Tutorial by Mike Richards shows you how to add print and printAsBitmap functions to his cool Flash paper airplane creator.

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