Organizing Your Library Flash

When your movies start to become complex, you’ll find that the Library gets crowded, and it can be hard to find symbols. When this happens, you’ll probably appreciate the capability to create and name folders for your symbols. You can organize your Library folders however you like, but here are a few suggestions for greater productivity:

  • Create a separate folder for each Scene.
  • Create folders for certain kinds of symbols, such as Buttons, sounds, or bitmap imports.
  • When you nest complex symbols with each other a Graphic symbol on the first frame of a Button symbol, with a text symbol on the layer above it the Library does not indicate this hierarchy. But you can just put all the associated symbols in a folder! You can even nest folders within other folders. Organizing with folders is easy:

  • To create a folder, click the folder icon at the bottom-left corner of the Library.
  • To move a file or folder into another folder, simply drag it over the target folder.
  • To move a folder that’s been nested within another folder back to the top level of the Library, drag the folder until it is just above the Library list and over the word Name and release.
  • The new Flash 5 Movie Explorer gives you a view of the nested interrelationship of symbols, Movie Clips, and other items.

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