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You can only use Flash 4 or earlier version .SWF files with RealServer 8 and Real- Player 8. If your Web server uses RealServer 6 or 7, then you can only use Flash 2 .SWF files with RealPlayer 8 or earlier. As you see later , you can change the Flash .SWF version in the Flash tab of the Publish Settings dialog. RealPlayer G2 and RealPlayer 7 will prompt users to update to RealPlayer 8 when Flash 3 or 4 .SWF content is encountered. Before playing Flash 3 or 4 .SWF content, RealPlayer 8 downloads a Flash plug-in that is not part of the standard RealPlayer installation.

Realistically, we advise you to only use appropriate Flash content for use in Real Player productions. RealPlayer is best suited for the following types of linear Flash content:

  • Animated shorts or trailers
  • Instructional media
  • Simple interactive demonstrations
  • Flash forms that gather information from the user and send it to your server
  • Enhanced presentation or user interfaces for streaming music

As you can see, RealPlayer likes Flash movies that use basic navigation controls, like play and stop. Do not use convert complex games and entire site files made in Flash for use in RealPlaye the Flash Player plug-in was developed to handle highly interactive and animated content on the Web.

Finally, Flash background transparency is not supported in any RealPlayer version. If you want to superimpose Flash animation with any other content, you need to do it within Flash. You cannot overlay a Flash track with RealVideo.

We recommend that you convert appropriate Flash movies to Real-compatible formats for use on Web sites that already require the RealPlayer plug-in for other content (for example, streaming radio broadcasts, streaming music videos) on the site.

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