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RealPlayer is the multimedia player and plug-in created by RealSystems, Inc. RealPlayer can play all Real formats, such as RealAudio (for streaming music and radio broadcasts) and RealVideo (for streaming video). RealPlayer can also play Flash .SWF files, provided that they are properly formatted for true streaming playback. RealPlayer version 8 is capable of reading Flash 3 and 4.SWF files it will understand Flash actions in a Flash 3- or 4-published .SWF file. Versions 6 and of RealPlayer can only read Flash 2 files.

While RealPlayer can display the visual portion of a Flash .SWF file, it will not play the audio portions of a .SWF file. The Real playback system looks for a separate RealAudio file to synchronize with the graphics and animation of a Flash .SWF file. Prior to Flash 5, the process to create separated Flash and RealAudio files required the use of production utilities fromRealSystems. Now, we can create RealAudio and Flash .SWF files directly from the Flash application. Using the Publish Settings dialog, you can export the files necessary for Flash movie playback in RealPlayer:

  • .SWF file (without audio), a special one created by the RealMedia exporter, which creates a “tuned” file by stripping the audio and resampling the Flash movie timeline for streaming playback. The degree of resampling depends on the bit rate selected in the Publish Settings dialog.
  • .RM (RealAudio) file containing an streamed version of the stripped Stream audio from the .SWF file.
  • .SMIL file that controls the synchronization between the tuned .SWF and .RM files.

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