Adding Symbols to Movies Flash

Now that you’ve created some symbols, you can use them in movies and modify each instance. Use the Library to put them in a movie. But remember that, in addition to putting symbols on the stage of the main movie, you can also add them to or include them within other symbols as well.

When you add a symbol to the Stage, you are placing an instance of the symbol on the Stage rather than the symbol itself. An instance is simply a copy of the original symbol. To put symbols on the stage:

  1. Add a Keyframe to the appropriate layer at the point in the timeline where you want the symbol to appear.
  2. Use Window➪Library (Command+L or Ctrl+L) to open your Library.
  3. Use the Library to find and select the symbol that you want to add to the movie.
  4. Drag the symbol onto the Stage by dragging either the graphic of the symbol from the Preview window or the symbol’s name as it appears in the Sort window.

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