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The official kits for Windows are distributed as executable installers. It is strongly recommended that you use the installer in preference to any .zip or .rar version that might appear.

Windows kits on SourceForge

Windows kits on SourceForge

The Firebird 1.5 install kits include executables and associated files for both server models: Superserver and Classic. Dialog boxes in the installer will prompt you for the model you want to install, and the other one will not be copied to your disk. For Firebird 1.0.x, the only model supported is Superserver.

Release names of the installers are as follows:

  • Firebird 1.5: Firebird-
  • Firebird 1.03: Firebird-

Compressed Files

If a Windows kit appears as a .zip file, you will require a utility, such as WinZip, PKZip, or WinRAR, to inspect and/or extract the contents before you begin. These kits (not intended for beginners) are as follows:

  • The v.1.5 .zip full client/server kit, Firebird- It can be decompressed to a standard directory tree structure without being installed into the system. Some installation programs must be run after unzipping. Instructions are included in various text files in the / doc subdirectory.
  • A separate kit for the v.1.5 Windows Embedded Server. The release file name of the kit is Firebird - _embed


On service-capable platforms —Windows NT, 2000, and XP—the Firebird server is installed, by default, to run as a service. The service will be installed and started automatically at the end of the installation process and, subsequently, each time you boot up your server machine. To find out how to stop and start the server manually

Low-end Windows platforms—Windows 95, 98, and ME—do not support services. The installation will start Firebird server as an application, protected by the Guardian program. If the server application should terminate abnormally for some reason, the Guardian will attempt to restart it. For a server that is going to run as a service, it is recommended that you accept the Guardian option.

Do not try to install a Classic server if you already have a Superserver installed, or vice versa.

The Client Libraries

Copies of the client libraries are installed as follows:

  • For Firebird 1.0.x, the name of the client library is gds32.dll, and it is installed into your system directory: C:\ WINNT\ system32 on service -capable Windows versions, or C:\Windows on non-service-capable Windows versions.
  • For Firebird 1.5 and onward, the client is named fbclient.dll, and it is installed by default into the ..\bin directory beneath the Firebird root directory. By default, v.1.5+ utilities load the client from there, not the System directory.

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