The Firebird Client Library - Firebird

The Firebird client library comes in a number of variants, all of which surface an identical API to applications, for the server release version to which they apply. Table at the end of this chapter shows the names and locations of these libraries.

The client library uses—in most cases—the operating system’s client network protocols to communicate with one or more Firebird servers, implementing a special Firebird client/server application-layer interface on top of the network protocol.

All client applications and middleware must use the API in some way to access Firebird databases. The Firebird API is backward compatible with the InterBase API. The InterBase API Guide (available from Borland) provides reference documentation and guidelines for using the API to develop high-performance applications. More recent enhancements are documented in the Firebird release notes and, to a limited extent, in the header files distributed with Firebird.

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