SQL Dialects - Firebird

In Firebird, each client and database has a SQL dialect, an attribute that indicates to a Firebird server how to interpret features and elements that are implemented differently in legacy Borland InterBase databases earlier than version 6.

Dialect is a transition feature allowing the Firebird engine to recognize, accept, and correctly process the older features and elements of legacy databases (dialect 1); to access these older data for conversion to the new features and elements (dialect 2); or to apply the full Firebird set of features, elements, and rules to converted or newly created databases (dialect 3).

It is possible to create a new database in Firebird as dialect 1 or dialect 3. It is not recommended to create new databases in dialect 1, since it will be deprecated eventually. It is not possible to create a dialect 2 database, since dialect 2 is intended for converting dialect 1 databases to dialect 3. The dialect 2 attribute can be applied only to a client connection.

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