Server Security - Firebird

For controlling user access to the server, the Firebird server creates and maintains the security database security.fdb (isc4.gdb in v.1.0. x). At installation time, this database contains one user: SYSDBA.

  • In Windows installations, the SYSDBA password is masterkey. It is strongly recommended that you run the program gsec.exe (in the installation /bin directory) immediately after installation and change this password. This is one of the best-known passwords in the database world!
  • The version 1.5 Linux RPM installers generate a random password for SYSDBA and update the database to replace masterkey. This password is stored in the installation root in a text file named firebird.PASSWORD. If you want to keep using the password, delete this file.

The SYSDBA user has full privileges to every database on the server and, in the current security model, this cannot be changed. The root user on Linux/UNIX gets SYSDBA privileges automatically. The database Owner (the user who created the database) has full privileges to that database. For all other users, access to objects in a database is by “opt-in” SQL privileges only.

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