Physical Storage for a Database - Firebird


Before creating the database, you should know where you are going to create it. This is not as silly as it sounds. The CREATE DATABASE (alias CREATE SCHEMA) statement will create the file or files you name, but it cannot create directories and it cannot change filesystem permissions. These details must be attended to first.

Additionally, a Firebird 1.5 server may be configured to restrict the locations where databases may be accessed. Check the DatabaseAccess parameter in the firebird.conf file to discover whether your server is restricting access. If the setting is the default, Full, then you can create the database anywhere. Otherwise,

  • A Restrict setting indicates the filesystem tree-roots under which database access is permitted. Ensure that the user that starts your server has sufficient permissions to create a file there (or, in the case of the Windows Embedded Server, the user under which you are logged in).
  • A None setting permits the server to attach only databases that are listed in aliases.conf. You can create a database anywhere but, except at creation, no client will be able to attach to it unless its alias and its absolute path are present in aliases.conf.

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