Overview of Server Code Modules - Firebird

The high-level language for Firebird server-side programming is SQL. Source code is presented to the engine in the form of SQL programming language extensions—PSQL statements and constructs—and DML statements. These statements are, themselves, wrapped inside single DDL statements of the form

<one or more blocks of statements>

The syntax for writing PSQL modules is explored in depth in the next chapters.

The objective of each of these “DDL super-statements” is to create and store one executable code module (stored procedure or trigger) or to redefine (RECREATE or ALTER) an existing object. A DDL statement is also used to destroy (DROP) executable code objects.

PSQL supports the three data manipulation statements, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE, and the ability to SELECT single-row or multiple-row sets of data items into local variables. The PSQL extensions provide the following language and logic support:

  • Local variables and assignment statements.
  • Conditional control-flow statements.
  • Special context variables (for triggers only) for accessing the old and new values of each column of all DML input sets.
  • Posting of user-defined database events to a listening client.
  • Exceptions, including user-defined ones declared as database objects, and (in v.1.5) context-specific exception messages, and supporting structure and syntax for error handling.
  • Input and output arguments (for stored procedures only).
  • Encapsulation of cursor behavior in FOR SELECT .. . INTO . .. DO looping syntax.
  • The SUSPEND statement (for stored procedures only), providing the capability to write stored procedures that output a virtual table in direct response to a SELECT statement—selectable stored procedures.
  • Embedding of stored procedure calls in both stored procedures and triggers.
  • Capability to define multiple triggers for the BEFORE and AFTER phases of triggers for each DML event and to position them in a predefined execution order. v.1.5 introduced the ability to write conditional BEFORE and AFTER triggers encompassing any or all possible DML events. Except for the specific elements mentioned, the entire PSQL language set is available to both stored procedures and triggers.

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