Operations on Number Types - Firebird

Operations supported include

  • Comparisons: Use the standard relational operators (=, <, >, >=, <=, <>, or !=). String comparisons using SQL operators such as CONTAINING, STARTING WITH, and LIKE are possible. In these operations, the numbers are treated as strings.
  • Arithmetic operations: The standard dyadic arithmetic operators (+, -, *, and /) can be applied.
  • Conversions: Firebird automatically converts between fixed numeric, floating-point, and character types when performing operations on mixed data types. When an operation involves a comparison or arithmetical operation between numeric data and non-numeric data types, data is first converted to a numeric type and then operated on.
  • Sorts: By default, a query retrieves rows in the exact order that it finds them in the table, which is likely to be unordered. You can sort rows on integer columns using the ORDER BY clause of a SELECT statement in descending or ascending order. If numbers are stored or cast as character types, the sort order will be alphanumeric, not numeric, for example, 1 – 10 – 11 . . . 19 – 2.

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