Mixed Platforms - Firebird

Firebird’s design enables clients running one operating system to access a Firebird server that is running on a different platform and operating system to the client. A common arrangement, for example, is to run several inexpensive Windows 98 PCs concurrently as client workstations accessing a departmental server running on Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, or any of several brands of UNIX.

A database that was built for access by one server model can be served by any of them. For example, when an embedded server application is offline, its database can be under the control of a different embedded server application or a full Firebird server serving remote clients. The same database can be ported from platform to platform without modification.1

Besides the Windows and Linux platforms, server implementations of Firebird (Classic, Superserver, or both) are available also for Mac OS X (Darwin), FreeBSD, Sun Solaris (Intel and SPARC), HP-UX, and potentially AIX, and can be built for a number of additional UNIX platforms.

Firebird does not currently have platform support for any version of NetWare by Novell, nor for any other species of networking that accords to the largely obsolete IPX/SPX protocol. With the demise of Novell support for this protocol, sites often operate Firebird servers on a Linux system, with network clients connecting to this subsystem via TCP/IP.

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