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Although Firebird is designed to be a database server for remote clients, it offers a number of options for local access.


Local access options include

  • TCP/IP local loopback: For n-tier server application layers and other clients accessing a local server on any supported platform using TCP/IP, even without a network card, connection can be made through the special localhost server at IP address
  • Windows local connection mode: For Windows clients running the Firebird Superserver on the same physical machine, Firebird supports a local connection mode, involving interprocess communication to simulate a network connection without a physical network interface or wire protocol. It is useful for access to a database during development, for embedded server applications, and for console-tool clients, but it does not support Firebird’s event mechanism.

    Local connection’s client/ server capabilities are thus limited and must be avoided for deployment. Deploy stand -alone client/ server applications, and web and other server tiers using TCP/IP local loopback for connection.

  • Direct local connect on POSIX: Whether a local client can connect to a database on Linux and some other POSIX systems depends primarily on the server mode you have installed (Classic server or Superserver) and, secondarily, on the type of client connection.

Superserver does not accept local connections through the normal API clients at all. The connection path must always include the TCP/IP host name. However, it does accept local connections from “embedded applications” (i.e., applications written using embedded SQL[ESQL]). The command-line tools gsec, gfix, gbak, and gstat, which are embedded applications, can make local connections to a Superserver.

If you are running the Classic server, direct connection is possible from a local client.

Embedded Server

From Firebird 1.5 onward, the Firebird Windows packages include a fully functional embedded server (client and server merged as a dynamic library). Its features are identical to those of the normal client/server model except that there is no network protocol support: connection must be via the “Windows local” style of emulated network connection.

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