Installing an Embedded Server - Firebird

The merged server and client are in the dynamic link library fbembed.dll, which you will find in the /bin directory of your regular Firebird server installation. You can install an embedded server if you already have a full server or other embedded servers installed.

For each embedded server application, the home directory of your application executable becomes the root directory for that embedded server application. To set up an embedded installation with your application, do as follows:

  • Copy fbembed.dll to the home directory and rename it to either fbclient.dll or gds32.dll, according to the client file name your database connectivity software expects.
  • Copy the files firebird.msg, firebird.conf, and aliases.conf to the home directory.
  • If you want to use the database aliasing feature (recommended), copy aliases.conf to the home directory and configure it for this particular application.
  • If external libraries are required for your application, such as international language support (fbintl.dll), UDF libraries, or blob filter libraries, create folders for them (../intl, ../UDF) directly beneath your application home directory and copy them to these locations.

Example of an Embedded Installation Structure

The following is an example of the directory structure and configuration for an installed embedded server application:

D:\my_app\MyApp.exe D:\my_app\gds32.dll D:\my_app\fb\firebird.conf D:\my_app\fb\aliases.conf D:\my_app\fb\firebird.msg D:\my_app\fb\intl\fbintl.dll D:\my_app\fb\UDF\fbudf.dll


RootDirectory = D:\my_app\fb


MyApplication = D:\databases\MyDB.fdb

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