A Network Address for the Server - Firebird

For TCP/IP communications, you must connect to a host that has a known IP address. Determining what that IP address is (or should be, if it is missing) depends on the kind of network environment your host machine is running in:

  • If you are on a managed network, get the server’s IP address from your system administrator.
  • If you have a simple network of two machines linked by a crossover cable, or a small, switched network, you can set up your server with any suitable unique IP address you like except (which is reserved for a local loopback server).
  • If you know the “native” IP addresses of your network cards, and they are different, you can simply use those.
  • If you are intending to try out a single-machine installation of both client and server, you should use the local loopback server address—localhost, or its IP address

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