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What are the types of Firebase event types?

To read data, different events types are facilitated by Firebase.


The earlier chapter Firebase Read Data discuss about the event type Value. Each time the data changes, Value method is selected to retrieve all the data


Whenever a new player is added to the database, for every player child_added method is selected once. Child_added method facilitates in reading the data list as it has the information about the added player and previous player from list.

For instance,

Result appears as:

Event Type Child Added Log

If a new player, for instance, ‘Bob’ is added then the updated data appears as:

Event Type Child Added Updated Log


When the data is chaged, child_changed event type is selected.

For instance,

When child name ‘Bob’ is changed to ‘Maria’ the update appears as:

Event Type Child Changed Log


child_removed event type is used to access the data which is deleted.

For Instance,

Maria can be deleted frOM the Firebase and a notification appears as :

Event Type Child Deleted Log

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