The Internet as a Marketing Tool - Financial Services Marketing

If the grandiose claims first made for the Internet have been toned down by experience, there are, nonetheless, major transformations wrought by the emergence of online technology. For example, even though Citibank shut down its early and expensive online-only bank, it remains a leader in using the Internet as a marketing tool. Its Web portal,, is designed to be the customer’s first stop on any Web-surfing expedition. Customers can control what their account home pages look like and can include content from other sites. Citibank offered one of the first account-aggregation services, allowing customers to access everything from their credit card balances to their frequent flyer accounts. The idea is to get customers accustomed to coming to the site, so that when they are in the market for a car loan, insurance, or a mutual fund, one of Citibank’s services will be the first they turn to. An ancillary benefit is that as customers add more personal information to their accounts, Citibank can use the information to develop customer profiles to cross-sell other products.

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