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There are a lot of reasons why you might want to build a Web site that contains a link to a FileMaker Pro database. Here are just a few:

  • Your users don’t know FileMaker Pro and might not like FileMaker Pro. However, these users use tons of other Web-based applications; they’re used to a Web interface, and a Web interface will be more easily accepted. Plus, you don’t have a dedicated person to manage the install and maintenance of scores of copies of FileMaker Pro on everyone’s machine.
  • Several of your workers are at the main office, but a handful of remote sales people are located all over the world and only occasionally log in to the Internet to check email. But they too would love to log into the home office database to view and update contacts in the sales database, add leads, and enter orders. You could create a secure Web interface to allow these folks to enter this information in the database over the Internet.
  • You want to populate a page on your Web site that lists your services and rates as entered in your database system. But this information changes daily and, instead of updating a static HTML-only page, you want to create a page driven by a FileMaker database.
  • You want to set up an e-commerce site to sell all of your stuffed monkeys and have the order processing flow directly into your existing FileMaker Pro based order processing system.
  • You would like a database to deliver dynamic content to your corporate Web site from job postings and news releases to product updates and your employee list.

In short, there are a lot of reasons you might want to integrate a database into a Web site, and FileMaker Pro should be your tool of choice, especially if you already use FileMaker for other purposes.

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