When You’re in the Development Phase - File Maker

Once you start programming, keep in close contact with your client. Ask as many questions as possible to make sure you fully understand what it is that’s wanted in a database or in a specific feature. Demo prototypes with the client as often as possible and get feedback. Make changes in response to the feedback. If the client decides to change something or add a feature to a database, immediately do an analysis to see if the new feature or change will affect the project’s budget or schedule. If so, tell the client and get sign-off in writing (you’ll need the paper trail in case there’s a dispute) on this “change request” if it’s going to cost more or take longer than originally anticipated. (Your change request should contain an estimate in hours and dollars of the new feature.)

If a feature request is a change for an existing database system that’s already in production (that is, in use), make sure to always budget in enough time to test the new feature, making sure it has no adverse effect on any other feature.

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