What’s So Great About ODBC? - File Maker

ODBC allows many different database systems (and other software) to communicate with one another virtually seamlessly. Via ODBC connections, you can:

  • Keep two different database systems in different rooms (or different countries) replicated or synchronized at all times.
  • Feed your consultant’s time sheets to a UNIX-based accounting system.
  • Build a thin client FileMaker Pro database system to act as a front end to an Oracle or SQL-based back-end database.
  • Build a custom (Visual Basic, Java or C++-based) front end that is a thinclient front end to a FileMaker-based back-end database.
  • Feed data from your database directly into Microsoft Office templates for faxes, memos, and so on.
  • Feed FileMaker data into Microsoft Excel pivot tables and charts.
  • Use products like Microsoft Visio XP to reverse engineer a FileMaker (or any DBMS) database’s structure as an entity relationship diagram.
  • Serve FileMaker data to the Web with a product like Blueworld’s and Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) work well, too.
  • Analyze your FileMaker-based data with sophisticated tools like Crystal Reports or Brio Reports.
  • Automatically back up your databases to a corporate-sized database system like Microsoft SQL Server.

So see? ODBC shall be quite useful for you and your business if you just take a few moments to figure out how to make it work for you.

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