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Now it’s time to take a look at the code within a script. Go ahead and double-click the GTRR Orders script in Company.fp5. You’ll see the Script Definition dialog, which has a few major parts:

The Script Definition Dialog

First, there’s the script step library that cascades down the left side of the screen. These are all the script steps that are available to you. Using the dropdown menu at the top, you can view all scripts by category (the default), all alphabetically, or a certain set of scripts by specific category.

The script definition of the current script is in the big box, top right. You’ll see that there are already several script steps in this script, each represented by one line in the script definition. If you highlight certain script steps in the script definition, like the Go to Related Record step, you’ll notice some options appear in the gray Options box at the bottom of the dialog. Many script steps have various options you can set, making the possibilities within any given script virtually boundless. And script steps are movable.

The buttons at the bottom of this dialog do the following:

Clear all — clears (deletes) all selected script steps from the script, allowing you to start over with a blank slate.

Clear — deletes the currently selected script step (or steps, if several have been selected by CONTROL- /COMMAND- or SHIFT-clicking them) from the script’s definition when a script step is highlighted. You can also remove them by pressing the DELETE key.

Move — Moves the selected script step from the library at left to the script definition at right. You can also just double-click a step to move it over (or highlight several steps in the library and move them over together). Highlighted steps are moved into the script definition just after the script step that’s highlighted in the definition. If nothing is highlighted, the new steps will be put at the end of the script definition. (You can also move a selected script step by pressing the space bar.)

Duplicate — Duplicates all selected script steps, putting the duplicated steps in the same order just after the steps that were duplicated.

OK — Leaves the script’s definition, saving any changes you’ve made to the script.

Cancel — Leaves the script’s definition without saving any changes.

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