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Although FileMaker refers to summary functions (plural) there is really only one summary function. It is useful for when you need to take data that is available only via a summary field (or, at least, most easily available via a summary field) and use that data where a summary function won’t work.

For example, summary fields only work on either summary parts or grand summary parts. But what if you want to take the number that a summary field gives when it’s on a particular part and plug that into another calculation? Or what if you want to display summary data on a body part? How do you get access to the summary data?

The answer is with GetSummary! GetSummary allows you to get the summary data by specifying which summary field you want to extract the data from, and how you want the data broken out.

GetSummary(summary field, break field)

Value Returned: number.
GetSummary returns the value that you would get if the summary field specified is on a sub-summary part when sorted by the break field. If the found set of records isn’t sorted by the break field, GetSummary returns an empty string. The value is for the current record’s sub-summary set.

If the break field parameter is the same as the summary field, then GetSummary returns the summary data that would appear on a grand summary part:

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