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Anyone familiar with computers is probably familiar with how to spell-check a document, so we won’t review this feature in depth in FileMaker Pro. But here are the basic options, which you can try. FileMaker’s spelling checker is available at Edit > Spelling. The commands available are (to use any of these spelling commands you must be in browse mode):

  • Check Selection: Checks the spelling of the currently selected text.
  • Check Record: Checks spelling in all fields for the current record.
  • Check All: Checks spelling in all fields for all records in the found set.
  • Correct Word: Opens the Spelling dialog box allowing you to correct a misspelled word that FileMaker has found with its built-in spell-check as you type feature (which must be turned on in Edit > Preferences > Document > Spelling for this command to do anything). This command does nothing if the currently selected word is already spelled correctly.
  • Select Dictionaries: This dialog lets you choose the spelling dictionary to check spelling against.
  • Edit User Dictionary: Opens the User Dictionary dialog, which lets you add custom words to the spelling dictionary, like your crazy last name, so that spell checking stops questioning their spelling.

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