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All this new technology . . . who can keep up? Here’s some information on integrating smart cards and credit card authorization with your FileMaker solutions.

oAzium Smart Card
Smart cards, as you’ve probably heard, may be the way of the future. Someday everyone will use smart cards to withdraw money, to purchase items at stores, to get through the lunch line at school, to register for classes, to pay their taxes, or to enter their offices or an event.

A smart card is a credit card–sized card that can read, write, and store a bunch of information about you. This includes your identification, account numbers, your access privileges, and so on, all securely encrypted on the card’s microchip. Waves in Motion’s oAzium Smart Card plug-in allows you to use smart cards with FileMaker. The plug-in gives you functions that let you trigger scripts on insertion or removal of a smart card and read and write data and fields to the smart card. And it offers decent security administration via encryption, as well as multiple levels of user access (admin, user, and world). The plug-in comes with a development kit including a card reader and two cards.

Imagine controlling thousands of people visiting yourtrade show using smart card technology or monitoring the comings and goings of employees at work. If you need to do any of these things, this powerful plug-in is highly recommended.

Waves in Motion also makes a plug-in called eAuthorize that allows you to process, charge, credit, and authorize credit card purchases right from your FileMaker database.
This is awesome. Now you don’t have to process credit cards manually or via other expensive equipment. You simply set up a merchant account with an online payment processing company like Authorize.Net or Planet Payment, then integrate the credit card authorization functionality into your FileMaker databases, and you’re ready to take credit card payments in conjunction with your database system.

Cool features include the ability to authorize a card only; support for several different currencies; and the ability to void a transaction. Also make sure to check out eAuthorize Desktop, a prebuilt, full-blown credit card processing solution that you can start using after only about five minutes of set up time. Here’s a shot of its customer sales view:

Smart Cards and Credit Cards

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