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Good question, though you probably want to know what the heck Instant and Custom Web Publishing are first, right? You’ll learn about that, but first, ask yourself if you would be happy if the database-driven portion of your Web site had to look mostly like the screen below, at least as far as the navigation and controls that you see along the left edge and top of the browser window is concerned. If you answer, “No, way! I want complete control because I need to integrate the data-driven Web pages into our existing corporate Web site,” then you need Custom Web Publishing.

Should You Use Instant or Custom Web Publishing ?

If you answer, “I need this Web site up fast, I don’t know any HTML or CDML and don’t really care what the interface looks like. All I need is to allow people to browse and search our product records to see what we sell,” then Instant Web Publishing is probably the right option.

With Instant Web Publishing, there is no need to know HTML to get your database online much of what you need to do can be done with drag and drop. FileMaker layouts are served to a Web page instantly and appear in a Web browser almost exactly as they appear on a FileMaker Pro layout, as long as your Web browser supports cascading style sheets (CSS) as most modern browsers do.

Then, there is the matter of FileMaker script steps. Instant Web Publishing allows you to run few script steps on a Web-published FileMaker layout (when a user clicks a button), while Custom Web Publishing allows you to call and perform any full script (not just a script step) in a database.

Finally, Web pages created using Custom Web Publishing tend to be speedier so if you expect a lot of traffic on your database driven Web site, Instant Web Publishing just might not cut the mustard.

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