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Some folks find it hard to get used to the fact that there is no Save option under the File menu, that FileMaker saves changes you make to a database automatically, as you go. Well, if you are scared that as you are cruising along developing a database you might cause harm to the database or the data, you can save a copy of each database at various points in the development process, so that you always have safe and pristine copies of your work in various stages of development.

In order to save a copy of the current database, select File > Save a Copy As. You will be presented with a dialog in which you specify the name of your database copy and what type of copy you would like to save. Here, you have three options:

Copy of Current File
This option will save an exact duplicate of the current database to the location on the hard drive that you specify.

Compressed Copy (Smaller)
Saves an exact duplicate of the current database, except that it’s had all of its empty space removed.

Clone (No Records)
Saves a copy of the database, preserving all of your layouts, scripts, value lists, field definitions, and so on, but the database will be empty of data, i.e., no records/no fields will be filled in. This is useful when creating a second database based on another where you want a lot of the same architecture and functionality in your new database without any of the data.

Simply specify which type of copy you would like to create and where you would like to create it. Then click Save.

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