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so let’s take a quick look at those settings. It’s handy to know what these settings do before you create a list view and a summary report that you will want to print.

Go into Layout mode in Company.fp5 and navigate to the Summary by City report, then doubleclick the Sub summary by City (Leading) layout part label. You’ll see the following Part Definition dialog:

Part Definition Dialog

The checkboxes at the bottom of the dialog are what we’re interested in right now; we’ll look at the buttons and other selections at the top as you create some layouts a few paragraphs down.

  • Page break before each occurrence: Check this if you want a new printed page right before each appearance of this layout part on the report. Checking the box for this layout part would produce a report with a new page started for every city in the database.
  • Page break after every x occurrences:The same as the above checkbox, except here you can specify how less frequently than every occurrence you want there to start a new printed page.
  • Restart page numbering after each occurrence: If you’ve got a page number symbol or field calculating the page number on the current layout, checking this box will restart the page numbering from one at every appearance of the current layout part on the printed report.
  • Allow part to break across page boundaries: Say you also had the Notes field on the Summary by City Report and you sized the field to be really big.

Checking this box means that, at the bottom of the printed page of the report, it is okay to divide the layout part even in the middle of the Notes field if it has to such that the top part of the layout is at the bottom of one page and the other portion continues at the top of the next page. While this saves paper it also makes reports hard to read. Leaving the box unchecked means that if there’s not enough room at the bottom of the page for the whole part to fit, it will start it at the top of the next page.

  • Discard remainder of part before new page: Following the same example from above, checking this box says to divide the layout part that doesn’t fit at the bottom of one printed page between the bottom of that page and the top of the next page, and to print what will fit at the bottom of the page and discard the rest.

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