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In order for any database system to be able to communicate via ODBC, it must have an ODBC driver installed. This driver is usually installed on any client computer that wants to access the remote database via ODBC.

A driver translates the proprietary language of the database system being accessed into the standard language of ODBC and SQL. Once an ODBC driver is installed, all that has to be done is to configure the ODBC driver to talk to the right remote database by entering an IP address, a user name and password, the database you want to access, and so on. The next step is to send a call to that driver that is in turn sent to the remote database system..

When you install FileMaker Pro on any workstation, the ODBC driver that allows FileMaker Pro to be an ODBC data source is automatically installed on the workstation, too. If you want FileMaker Pro to access an external data source via ODBC to bring data in to a FileMaker database, you would need to install that remote database system’s ODBC driver on the workstation containing FileMaker Pro. Then, of course, the ODBC driver needs to be configured.

First, you’ll learn how to set up a FileMaker Pro database to act as a data source for another external application. But before we go any further, here’s an illustration showing how ODBC can be used to get FileMaker Pro and other database systems to talk to one another.

ODBC Drivers

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