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Here are a few more points about scriptmaking that you might find helpful:

  • In general, certain script steps only work on the current database. That is, you can’t run a script in one database that does a certain print/page setup and then call a subscript in another database and expect that same setup (or sort order, or found set, and so on) to be “brought over.” You must call an external script “over there” that has its own setup.
  • Check the size of a found set before performing global actions on a set of records, like a Replace. If you know that a Replace in a certain database should only ever happen on two to four records at a time, frame the Replace script step in an If statement that warns you if the found set is bigger than, say, five records.
  • Make sure that you’re in the right mode before performing certain script steps. If you mean to paste into Find mode but accidentally paste in Browse mode, you’re inadvertently and permanently changing your data instead of locating it (and you won’t locate it now that you’ve changed it!).
  • Sometimes, a user’s access privileges affect how a script operates. For instance, if a user can’t export records, an export script step won’t work.
  • Script steps in italics are platform specific and will do nothing on the other platform when run.

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