Installing the Web Server Connector - File Maker

There are various ways to install the Web Server Connector. The method you choose will depend on your needs, your existing software and hardware configuration, and, most importantly, your budget.

First off, in order to use the Web Server Connector, you’ve got to be using one of the following Web server applications on the listed OS(s):

  • Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0 running on Windows 2000 Server.
  • Apache 1.3.23 (or 24) running on Mac OS X Server 10.1.
  • Apache Web Server 1.3.19 running on Red Hat Linux 7.1.

By the time this hits your hands, the Web Server Connector might work on later versions of the indicated Web server software or operating systems, so make sure to check FileMaker’s Web site before you rule out using the Web Server Connector for your solution.

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