Harnessing The Power Of Complex Calculations conclusion - File Maker

At this point, you’ve used many of the essential features of FileMaker Pro while creating a simple database called Company.fp5. You learned how to create a new database and add a bunch of fields to it (and how to specify the various options for those fields). After that, you actually experimented with your new database by adding records and data, finding records, and previewing them. Finally, you were able to create a script in ScriptMaker, which you probably thought was going to be much harder than it actually was.

You will continue to use the Company.fp5 database, and you’ll create a data entry and list view layout for it. You’ll also use the new Layout/Report wizard to create a mailing label layout and a table view, and also a summary report. As you create all of these layouts, you will explore the vast array of tools that you have at your disposal for creating shapes, lines, graphics; adding fields to layouts (and formatting them to display data just the way you like it); putting buttons and portals on layouts.

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