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A global field is a type of field that has exactly the same value no matter which record you are on. You could say that the value in a global field is shared across all records. Global fields are often used to store temporary data that is passed throughout a database system. They are also used to store graphics that are used throughout a system, such as a color graphic used to highlight a selected row in a portal or a color used as the dynamic background of a layout. A global field can contain text, numbers, times, dates, or container field contents (graphics, sounds) and, again, depending on the type of global field you specify, there are restrictions to the data it can contain. If you create a global field with a date field type, you can only enter a valid date into that global field.

Another unique feature of global fields is that any changes made to a value in a global field in a shared database situation are saved only on the host machine. In a shared database, globals are client-specific while you are using a database, not server specific, meaning each user using a database can have their own set of globals. You will learn a lot about global fields.

Create the gComputerShopName Field
gComputerShopName is a global field

Global Field for the Company.fp5 Database

Global Field for the Company.fp5 Database

When you create gComputerShopName, the Options dialog comes up automatically. The global field options dialog looks like this:

Global Fields

All you have to do here is make sure that Text is selected in the Data type drop-down menu. Then click OK.

The only other global field option you can set is whether or not you want the global field to have any repetitions and, if so, how many repetitions. Repetitions work basically the same way as they do for any other type of field for which repetitions are allowed.

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