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Wouldn’t it be nice to have FileMaker interact with the Web by pulling information from Web or FTP sites? This would be very handy for doing things like pulling stock quotes into a database, pushing data to an FTP site, sending products you’re selling to eBay, querying multiple online stores for prices on the latest David Foster Wallace novel, or whatever else you can think of.

Here are a few tools you can use to integrate a FileMaker database with the Web or with an FTP site.

Comm-Unity Networking Systems’ FTPit allows you to send a receive data to and from FTP sites. If you download the example files that come with FTPit you’ll find a complete FTP client they’ve built around their plug-in. But you could also use FTPit’s functions to send reports to clients, help FileMaker communicate and cooperate with legacy systems or Web servers, back up clones of your FileMaker databases to a backup server, or generate PDFs and then FTP them to a folder elsewhere on your network. FTPit can also send text right out of a FileMaker field (as a .txt file) via FTP.

Troi URL
The Troi URL plug-in from Troi Automatisering allows you to post and retrieve information from the Web, including secure Web pages that require user names and passwords. Features include the ability to pull the contents of a Web page into a FileMaker field (like stock quotes, weather reports, news flashes, and so on) and post forms to the Web and get results back (like doing a search on Google.com, for example).

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