From the Field: Darn Good Security System - File Maker

FileMaker’s built-in security features are pretty good in and of themselves, especially if your organization isn’t that big, you don’t have highly sensitive data in your databases, you don’t need a login system that uses user names and passwords, or you don’t need to audit any changes that you make to a database’s fields. But what if you do have these needs? What if you work in a top-secret government lab and you need all of the above security features, and then some?

If this is the case, you’ll have to program many of these features into your database system using a combination of databases, scripts, layouts, fields, and possibly plug-ins. In this section, you’ll learn about all of these possibilities.

We’re going to walk through an example database system layout by layout and script by script, starting with the initial login, to see how this security system is built. First, here’s the case study for what this system is supposed to do.

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