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FileMaker Server also supports AppleScript. It ships with a handful of AppleScript examples and a database called FileMaker Server Apple Events.fp5, which provides descriptions of each command and additional examples illustrating how those commands are used. This database also provides a list of Error Codes that might be generated by FileMaker Server.

The picture on the following page shows FileMaker Server’s entire Apple- Script Dictionary:

FileMaker Server’s entire Apple- Script Dictionary

Inexplicably missing from this dictionary, but nonetheless supported by File- Maker Server, are these commands/events:

open: Open a list of files
open list—Files to open
quit: Quit FileMaker Server quit

You can use AppleScript scripts with FileMaker Server to do the following:

  • Monitor usage statistics (guests, databases, and transactions).
  • Pause and resume databases.
  • Open and close databases.
  • Force guests to disconnect.
  • Perform backups.
  • Recalculate the Today function.
  • List schedules (name, ID, last error, task type, last run time, next run time).
  • Run schedules.

More ingenious uses of AppleScript might include:

  • Monitor available hard drive space and automatically start compressing (or stuffing) databases if the hard drive gets too full.
  • Run a schedule/script only if certain conditions are met (e.g., number of guests is more than ten). If an error is encountered while FileMaker Server is opening a database, react to that error message and automatically take measures to: repair a damaged database, set the database to multi-user, etc., and then try to reopen that database.

AppleScript also provides a way of launching FileMaker Server without performing the normal start-up procedures. The script:

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