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FileMaker’s great at storing text-based data, but it’s also great with managing graphics data, too. So if you happen to be looking for a solution to help manage images or other digital assets, you need look no further than FileMaker Pro. In addition to FileMaker’s built-in ability to import individual images (or whole folders of them) and its ability to reference images stored externally (or contain all the graphic’s data in a container field), you can use the following products to control, manage, and manipulate graphics with FileMaker Pro.

Troi Graphic Plug-In
The Troi Graphic plug-in doesn’t help with digital asset management per se, but it allows you to create colors and put them in fields as well as get screen captures (even thumbnails) and drop them into fields. It might be useful with a “Submit Bug Report” routine that you give to your users to allow them to press a Submit Bug button, which secretly captures the current screen or layout and includes it with whatever bug the user is reporting.

Troi Grabber
Troi’s Grabber plug-in allows you to capture still images from a video camera that’s connected to your computer and put them in container fields. You can crop images and (on Macs only) get time codes, too, which tell you the beginning time, end time, or movie duration.

Troi Astro — Mac Only
Troi’s Astro solution is digital asset management at its best. It allows you to manage all of your digital assets like images and movies and manage Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDFs, and other files as well.

You’ll probably like how you get a little thumbnail preview of the image and a hierarchical view of the complete path to the selected image.

Using the power of Troi’s plug-ins (mainly the Troi File plug-in), you can catalog entire disks, delete disks, show all images on a selected disk, add labels and comments to each digital asset, and much more. You’ll find this useful for cataloging a bunch of photographs you have stored on CD-RWs, too. Here’s what Astro’s volume browse view looks like:

Troi Astro — Mac Only

Abstrakt Plug-ins — Mac Only
Abstrakt offers two plug-ins for the Mac only, which help with image manipulation and creation. Scribble allows you to let people draw and edit images in a FileMaker container field (imagine a physician wanting to illustrate the before and after of an angioplasty in a patient’s record or a designer who wants to sketch out an idea for a new product right in the product’s database record).

iMago lets you capture thumbnails of graphics (or even PDFs) and put them in a container field.

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