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Constants are expressions that don’t change regardless of the values in any fields in the database system. So far, the calculations given as examples here have all used constants, such as 6 or File. The first is a number constant and the second is a text constant. Other possible constants include the paragraph marker, “¶”, which you will use frequently in text calculations, and PI (or ð), which is a built-in constant/function (you’ll learn about functions in a little while). Most of the time your calculations won’t use constants other than these, but there will be occasions when you’ll use constants, most often in the form of text constants. A common text constant is "" (two double-quotes, signifying a text constant but with nothing between them, signifying an empty text constant).

You might also use a text constant when you need to have a reference to an item or items, such as “Enclosed are 7 items.” If there is only one item enclosed, you want to say “Enclosed is 1 item.” The verb is “is” and the word “item” is singular. The calculation, which computes how the sentence should be constructed, would use text constants to insert the correct verb and place an “s” after the word “item” when necessary. This is an example you will learn about later, after you’ve learned about functions.

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