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Below it contains the rest of the text fields that you should create in the Company.fp5 database for right now. For each field in Table below, first select the text field type in the Type box, then type in the name of the field (please type the field names exactly as they appear here, without spaces and such), then click Create. As you create these fields, you will see them appear in the list of fields in Define Fields in the order in which you are creating them.

Text Fields for the Company.fp5 Database

Text Fields for the Company.fp5 Database

As you can see, there are some options that need to be set for the State field.

You want to have the State field be automatically entered as “IN” because, for our computer shop, 99.9 percent of our customers are located in the neighborhood around the shop, which is located in the state of Indiana (and why make a user type “IN” in the state field for every new record when it will almost always be “IN”?) This doesn’t mean that a user can’t override this automatic entry (we aren’t validating the field in any way). It just means that “IN” is the default value for the State field but can be freely changed after the record’s been created. To set auto-entry up, double-click the State field once you’ve created it. Check the Data checkbox on the Auto-Enter options tab. Type IN in the associated box.

Click OK. More on auto-enter options as you learn more about the CompanyID field.

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