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Container fields can contain quite a bit of interesting stuff, but, in a nutshell, a container field is usually used to hold graphic (still or animated) and sound data.

In Windows, a container field can also hold OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) objects, which is basically a window into a document in another application. Thus, you could insert a linked Excel spreadsheet in a record in a container field and update the spreadsheet, live, right from FileMaker.

As far as graphics go, FileMaker supports most common graphic formats, including PICT, JPEG, and GIF. As far as multimedia and sound data goes, FileMaker supports QuickTime, WAV, and AVI files, among others.

Create the Logo Field
The Logo field will be used to contain the company logo, if there is one, of every one of the customer’s contained in Company.fp5 (Table below). While this type ofseemingly extraneous graphic data is not necessary to run a business, you will find that this type of graphic element can offer a pleasing visual to a data entry layout that might otherwise be rather boring. You also might use a customer’s logo as a neat detail on a printout you send them. In this way, it could help customer service at our computer shop get to know their customers a bit better and thereby be more engaged in their daily interactions with customers.

Container Field for the Company.fp5 Database

Container Field for the Company.fp5 Database

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