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We’ll assume that Carissa is able to install the Web Server Connector and all other software properly on her new hardware by following the instructions that came with FileMaker Pro Unlimited. She doesn’t need an IT person to come in and help! She just rolls up her sleeves, brews an extra-large pot of coffee, comes in on a Saturday, and gets to work.

Once everything is installed and Apache and the Web Server Connector have been started, she goes to each computer in the RAIC and configures File- Maker Pro Unlimited. This includes enabling the Web Companion, configuring it (picking the views, sort options, and so on (the same settings on each copy of FileMaker Pro Unlimited). She then opens every database that’s going to be Web enabled and turns on Web Companion sharing for each database.

Next, Carissa configures the Web Server Connector’s administration account for security purposes, so that no unauthorized person can log in and make changes to the configuration. To do this she goes to any Web browser and types in the IP address of her Web server followed by a CGI request for the Web Server Connector:(If she’s sitting on the Web server, she could use “localhost” instead of the IP address.)

On the Initial Security page that comes up, enter the user name and password in the boxes that you use for the Web server’s operating system and click Submit. Now the main Web Server Connector configuration screen should appear:

Configuring and Administering the Web Server Connector

It has options to Configure by Host, Configure by Database, and Configure Administration Account. If you click Configure by Host, a screen comes up where you can add and remove Hosts by IP address and port number. Carissa would add three hosts, one for each copy of FileMaker Pro Unlimited on her RAIC. After you click Add Host, enter the IP address and port number and click Next; you then see a list of all databases being shared on that RAIC computer. Simply check the box next to each database that you want this particular computer to help serve on the RAIC and then click Submit. Once Carissa follows these simple steps for each of the three RAIC computers, she’s pretty much ready to turn her new powerful Web site on!

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