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Carissa works at the Acibuk Museum of Modern Art. She has a database that catalogs all of the different paintings at the museum by the artist name. She has divided the artwork into the following categories: oil, watercolor, charcoal and pencil, and ink pen. She would like to publish a selection of art from the collection as an online exhibit on the Web for those visitors who, for whatever reason, aren’t able to travel to the museum. Carissa has taken digital pictures of many of the pieces in the museum and has decided to use FileMaker Pro’s

Instant Web Publishing features to publish these images to the Web. Take a look at the database that Carissa has created, which is called art.fp5.

Open the art.fp5 database while holding down the SHIFT/OPTION key to override the default password and enter the master password of -Acibuk-. Explore the database; you’ll see that there are four layouts: form, sort, table, and find. The form view will be the actual detail view of the Web page. The sort layout will contain only the fields required for sorting in the database. The table layout will only contain the fields that will be shown in table format (list view) on the Web page. Last, the find layout will only have the fields on which Web site visitors will be able to perform finds.

The database has the following fields:

Make sure there are no spaces in any of the field names, as HTML and Web URLs don’t do spaces. These can all be text fields except for the picture field, which you will make a container field, and the date field, which is a number (you’re only storing the year the artwork was created).

This is what Carissa’s database looks like in the form layout view.

Case Study: The Acibuk Museum of Modern Art

The sort layout looks like this:

sort layout

This layout allows a Web site visitor to sort the found set of records only by the fields you specify here. Carissa decides to use the following fields:

You will specify which fields receive which sort parameters later.

Another layout that is created is the find layout:


The find layout specifies which fields users will be able to search on when performing a search on the Search Web page. Once again, there are limited fields on the find layout because those are the only fields that you want to make available for searches on the Web site. The fields on the find layout are:

The last layout is the table layout:


The table layout needs to have the following fields on it:

These are all of the fields that will show up on the table (or list) view of your published Web site. Now return to the form view and check your fields. Carissa looks at the form layout and decides that she would like to make the “style” field a value list.

  1. Choose File > Define Value Lists in art.fp5. Click the New Button. The “Edit Value List” dialog appears. Name the new value list “style”.
  2. Choose the “Custom value list” radio button, and in the field to the right, enter the following values:
  3. Click the OK button and then click Done.
  4. Return to your form layout in your database. Choose View > Layout mode.
  5. Click the field “style”. Right-click/CONTROL-click the field on the style field.
  6. Choose Field Format from the pop-up menu. The Field Format dialog appears.
  7. Choose the second radio button from the top, and select “pop-up list” from the drop-down menu to the right. To the right of the box is another dropdown box; click the arrow, and select the word “style” from the drop-down menu. The word “style” is the name of the value list that you just created; this will change the field “style” on your form layout to the value that you created.

In the folder named “Art”, you will find digital scans of all of the artwork in Carissa's art database that she wants to be viewable on the museum's Web site. Since you are creating the database along with Carissa, you will need to place the Art folder inside the Web folder located inside the FileMaker Pro application folder.

Carissa has finished entering information for one artist in her database, and she is ready to publish it to the Web. She must now configure FileMaker Pro, and her Web site for Web publication. Lets walk through the steps that need to be completed to publish her database to the Web.

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