Fatehpur Sikri Fort Architecture - Fatehpur Sikri Fort

What is the architecture of Fatehpur Sikri?

Fatehpur Sikri is encompassed by wall on three sides and a lake on the fourth side. The architecture of the structures depended on Mughal and Indian engineering. The Indian architecture incorporated the Hindu and Jain engineering.


There are numerous structures like mosques, palaces, tombs, etc. which the travelers can see. The name of some of them are

  • Buland Darwaza
  • Jama Masjid
  • Ibadat Khana
  • Jamat Khana
  • Tomb of Salim Chishti
  • Diwan-i-Aam
  • Diwan-i-Khas
  • Jodha Bai Palace
  • Panch Mahal
  • Birbal’s House
  • Anup Talao
  • Hujra-i-Anup Talao
  • Naubat Khana
  • Pachisi Court
  • Hiran Minar

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