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The need for improved business communication strategies is being driven by the fast demands of business, globalization, and the technology revolution, as well as leadership challenges that require improved business communication strategies and skills at company, team or group, and individual levels.

As shown in Figures, changes in strategy need to be viewed from three perspectives: companywide, group or team, and individual contributors. Options available are both constrained and enhanced by decisions made at each of those levels.

For example, if company decides to implement a document life-cycle management strategy or a document management system, to offer training to employees in communication skills, to use project management systems, to teach effective writing and editing skills or to make persuasive presentations, the entire capacity of a company will be enhanced. New communication strategies have become necessary as a result of the rise of several movements:

  • The quality movement pioneered by Deming
  • The implementation of integrated supply chains

Driving Changes in Business Communication

Common communication patterns within and outside of a company.

  • The advent of integrated resource management these initiatives forced a new and improved kind of communication and leadership, as evidenced in the following (see Figure):
  • ISO 9000 standards
  • The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards in the United States
  • The growing use of standards and benchmarks throughout industry and in other areas

Technology has placed new demands on us to order and make sense of data making effective communication a priority. This means that information (data) must be collected and assembled into databases that can be queried so that computerized systems for tracking and analyzing all aspects of a company become a reality, not a pie-in-the-sky idea. Management groups must work with information systems that link data, facilitate analysis, generate query-based reports, and expedite decision processes if they are to sustain a competitive advantage.

Common communication patterns

Effective business communication depends on a series of interrelated policies, strategies, and skills at the company, team, and individual levels.

Communication strategies and skills

Communication strategies and skills are central to multiple business initiatives and requirements.

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