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Many writing and editing processes end with the editing step. However, editing is not the end of the process. When you're done, set your memo or report aside for a few hours and then check it again for problematic errors before you send it out. And before you send it, check with your manager or supervisor to be sure anything you've promised can be delivered.

If you don't regularly complete these two simple steps, we guarantee you will eventually regret it, especially if you cannot provide the service or product. In the post writing process, change your perspective from writer to reader. Among the post writing questions you should ask yourself are the following:

  • Have I met the reader's requirements or does she need more information?
  • Am I writing statements that I'll later regret?
  • Did I proofread my document? Should a colleague proof it? Is it worth proofreading twice?
  • Did I spell check and grammar check?
  • Have I arranged for reproduction, distribution, and storage?
  • Do I need clearance to send or distribute the document?
  • If I was angry when I wrote it, have I let it sit overnight?

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