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What is page setup profile in marketing via facebook?

We will discuss, in this chapter, how to choose the most optimized page that will suit your venture.

Choosing which page suits your venture

The first step you need to do is to select the page category to ‘create a page’ on Facebook. When you refer the pages, you feel that all of the pages have the same look and feel; but they have different information and features that you can highlight and promote for your business.
Once you have decided the type of page you would like to create, you have to add in the basic details and sub-categories to get the page up and running. For each and every page type, different information is required.
The following page is a snapshot, where you need to give information to begin the creation wizard. You can change the page whenever you require and as many times as you would like after the page setup. The only thing you have to keep in mind that if you change it from a business or local place then you will lose your reviews, maps and check-ins.
The image displaying above is the information fields, and it looks like that when you click on one of the categories in ‘create a page’.

Adding page details

The Facebook wizard will help and give the guidelines easily when you are creating your page. First you have to decide whether your page is local or business place. Then after deciding you need to add tags that helps to improve the ranking of your page (which will increase visibility of your page when people search interests related to your business).
A detailed description can also be added along with website link and a custom Facebook web URL. You need to confirm that you are the authorized representative to create a Facebook page for your business. Once you have finished facebook page creation, you are asked to add a profile picture, add the page to your favorites and provide an option to claim any duplicate pages relating to your business.
The last step to place page set up for your business is to choose your preferred page audience. By this the facebook allows you to know what demographics should see your page. The setting up of Facebook pages for other categories is fairly similar.
Once you have completed creating the Setup Wizard, you will be directed to your new page. It looks like an empty page except the information you are required to put in during the setup.

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