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What is the purpose of Ad Options in face book marketing?

To promote a business it is very essential to add advertisements for your facebook page. As ads attracts many people because of its flexibility. It is of your choice to choose different types of ads to produce for your Facebook page. This depends on the offer that you give for the campaign and different people you want to promote. It is very tough and has to put lot of effort to produce ads for the business purposes. Being keenly observed over the last couple of years, Facebook has spent a great deal of time and effort to adjust the types of ads that it offers to really be tailored to suit the needs of business owners and users.
The first question you will get in mind is what is the main purpose of the advertisement that you need to post. Different types of ads serve the following purpose −
  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • Boost likes and engagement for your page.
  • Install and promote your mobile and desktop applications.
  • Direct people to your business, ecommerce platform or event.

Get traffic to your website

Following are some of the ways to generate traffic to your website.

Send people to your website

This option is used to utilize to set the destination point when someone clicks on the advert to a custom URL of your choice. This ad simply displays a title, short description, and the URL of the link you wish to display.
This option is the best way where you can direct someone to your homepage, online store, contact page or any other page on your website that you want people to see.

Increase conversion on your website

If you choose to implement and increase conversion on your website campaign you will be given a short code. This code is added to the page that you wish to track conversion on.
For example, if you want to track how many people subscribe to a newsletter on your page, you should add this to your newsletter confirmation page. You can then optimize the ad to reach out to people in your audience that you would like to convert.

Boost likes and engagement for your page

Boosting your post will help to create an ad from a post that you have already created on your page. This is helpful when you want to get a large number of audience to see what you have posted. The main purpose for a post boost is to increase the number of people to view, like, comment and share the content that you have published.

Promote your page

Promoting your page gives you the ability to custom set and optimize a campaign so that it can reach out to people in your limited target market. The primary purpose of this is, to get more number of users to like and follow your page. Once you are adapted with user liking your page your posts may appear in their news feed organically. This option is the best way to use when you want to grow your support base.

Get installs for your app

This option is specifically used to create an ad for mobile and tablets. The ad contains a link that gets connected directly by sending the user to the app store where they can install the user app. This is very helpful when you want to convert Face book users to mobile app users. These ads also can optimize the type of operating systems you want to target (For example, iOS/Android) and whether you want to target mobile or tablet.

Increase engagement in your app

This option sends users a click on your ad directly to specific areas of the app that you want people to go with. This can be incorporated into the app with the Facebook SDK to measure how successful the campaign would be.

Raise attendance at your event

You can direct people to your business by creating attractive localized ads. For this, you need to set a custom radius and target people in locations where you operate. This option is great for brick and mortar businesses to increase their in-store sales and local foot traffic.

Get people to claim your offer

If you want to create an advert with a couple or discount/deal code, then the best option is the “Get people to claim your offer campaign”. This ad can be optimized to choose the audience that sees your ad. You can also set a limit on how many people you can claim the offer.

Reach people near your business

Reach people near your business by creating localized ads targeting people around where you operate by setting a custom radius. This option is very useful for brick and mortar businesses to increase their in-store sales and local foot traffic.

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