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How to use scaffolding tool

Instead of manually creating public directory, adding middleware, creating separate route files, etc, a scaffolding tool creates a skeleton for a web app so that we can directly get started with application building.
We will be using Yeoman,a scaffolding tool built for Node.js. It also has generators for several other frameworks(like flask, rails, django, etc).


Enter the following command in your terminal:
Yeoman uses generators to scaffold out applications- 'generator-express-simple' in our case. To install this generator, enter the following command in your terminal:
To use this generator, enter:
Answer thesimple questions about the things you want to use with your app
This creates a new application, install all the dependencies, add few pages to your application and give you a directory structure to work on. Play around with the many generators available for express and choose the one that fits you right. They all work alike.

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