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What is Excel Power View Chart Visualizations?

In power View, you have got some of Chart alternatives. The Charts in power View are interactive. Further, the Charts are interactive in a presentation setting also, which could allow you to highlight the analysis results interactively.

In this chapter, you'll have an overview of the Chart visualizations. You’ll learn them in detail in the next chapters.

Types of Chart Visualizations

In Power View, you have the following types of Chart visualizations −

  • Line
  • Bar
  • Column
  • Scatter
  • Bubble
  • Pie

Line, Bar and Column Charts

You can use Line, Bar and Column charts for comparing data points in one or more data series.

Line Chart

In a Line Chart, categories are along the horizontal axis and values along the vertical axis.


Bar Chart

In a Bar Chart, categories are along the vertical axis and values along the horizontal axis.


Column Chart

In a Column Chart, categories are along the horizontal axis and values along the vertical axis.


Scatter and Bubble Charts

You may use Scatter Charts and Bubble Charts to display many related information in a single Chart. In Scatter Charts and Bubble Charts, the x-axis presentations one numeric field and the y-axis displays some other. In Bubble Charts, a 3rd numeric field controls the dimensions of the statistics factors.

Scatter Chart − A scatter chart is shown under –


Bubble Chart − A bubble chart is shown below –


Pie Charts

In a Pie Chart, the numeric field may be proven by the Pie slice size, and categories via colors.

In power View, Pie Charts can be simple or sophisticated. In a complicated Pie Chart, you could have the subsequent extra functions −

  • Drill down when you double-click a Pie slice.
  • Show sub-slices within the larger Pie slices.

Pie Chart − A Pie chart is shown underneath –


Interactive Nature of Chart Visualizations

The Charts in Power View are interactive. If you click on a value in one Chart −

  • That value in that Chart is highlighted.
  • That value in all the other Charts in Power View is also highlighted.
  • All the Tables, Matrices and Tiles in Power View are filtered to that value.


You will learn more about this and other additional interactive features such as Play Axis, Colors, and Tiles in subsequent chapters.

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